Turn-key testerTester_Front_Open

The Mechatronic Works, LLC (MTW) can provide complete, custom, turn-key products that allow one-stop shopping and support.  The example above shows an end-of-line tester that we designed and manufactured.  MTW developed all the application software in LabVIEW, designed two custom PCBs, and the mechanical hardware.  We produced a total of 15 testers.  Each one was field label to UL 61010-1 and was warrantied for one year.

The panel PC was used as the user interface and ran LabVIEW on a Windows OS.  A National Instrument cRIO, located in the enclosure, was used to control the actual tests using LabVIEW real-time and analyze the results.  Inside the cRIO, an FPGA was programmed using the FPGA module for pulse windowing and encoder tracking. 

Save the headache and hassles from integrating products from multiple customers. All too often when problems occur, it is not clear what equipment is at fault and getting support can be difficult since one supplier will likely not help with an interacting product from a second or third supplier. In many mechatronic systems, the hardware and software is so integrated that it can take an expert to identify and solve the problem. Most companies do not have a mechatronics expert in house.

Even though The Mechatronic Works does not have its own machine shop, PCB fabrication equipment, or PCB assembly line, we can provide services and products that include these services by depending upon our trusted suppliers. If we need external engineering help due to a tight timeframe or highly specialized work, this work will all be included in our turn key product or service. We have engineering subcontractors available that we have typically known and worked with for many years.