MTW now offers 3D printing services!


We currently have the capability to print both rigid and flexible materials.  Our printer has a print volume of 152 mm x 152 mm x 158mm (6 in x 6 in x 6.2 in) with a heated bed.

Rigid filaments that are currently in stock:

  1. PLA *
  2. PLA with carbon fiber
  3. PLA, conductive
  4. HIPS *
  5. ABS
  6. nGen by colorFabb *
  7. XF-CF20 by colorFabb
  8. Taulman Nylon Alloy 910
  9. Taulman Nylon 645
  10. Taulman t-glase

Flexible filaments that are currently in stock:

  1. NinjaFlex *
  2. SemiFlex

*  filaments that we have had significant favorable experience with.  (We have very limited to no experience with filaments not followed by an asterisk.)

Please contact MTW Sales for filament colors available.

Future Plans:

  1. Dual filament printing (i.e. dual-print head capability)
  2. Dual filament printing with PVA (PVA is a dissolvable filament used for support material)
  3. Expanded printer volume at 290 mm x 275 mm x 250 mm (11.4 in x 10.8 in, 9.8 in)


MTW began offering 3D printing services in September 2016.


Please contact us for more information.