Internet Of Things

Just as the internet has revolutionized world-wide communications between people, the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize the communication between things.  These things can be classified into Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT categories.  The following description will focus on Industrial IoT.

Usefulness of Industrial IoT

  • New business that can include remote monitoring services, collection of real-world test data to improve product design, and remote software updates.
  • Predictive maintenance--monitor the operation of the product to predict and prevent failures and increase uptime.
  • Boosting performance with control at "the edge".

The Industrial IoT Process

  1. Add sensors, a microcontroller, and network electronics to your product (if not already present).
  2. Communicate the data from the sensors to the internet.  Depending on the specific application, this could involve wired Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc. to a gateway or direct data transfer via cellular (GSM / CMDA) or satellite data transmissions for very remote locations.
  3. Store and optionally process the data in the cloud.
  4. Display and optionally process the data for the end user--data that is useful for fulfilling the goals.

MTW's Approach

We make sure that we first understand your business objectives. Our team can then work with you to design a solution to achieve these objectives.

MTW can work with you to select sensors, and design the electronics and software necessary to connect your product to the internet.  Initially, we may recommend the development of a rapid prototype using National Instruments hardware and software for a proof of concept.  MTW can develop this prototype for you.  In addition, MTW can often provide a tested and assembled electronic module with sensors that you could add to your product in production.

Depending upon the complexity of your product, MTW may provide the data communication link to the internet or work with an advanced wireless partner. 

MTW can also work with you to select a cloud data storage and processing service.

MTW can write the software or help your company select the software to display and process actionable data.

In addition, for complex systems, we can work closely with National Instruments, our alliance partner.