Company History

The Mechatronic Works, LLC (MTW) was founded in August 2007 when Keith Tabor decided to form an engineering consulting company focused on providing mechatronic services and products in Richfield, Wisconsin, USA.

There were originally three distinct parts of our business: engineering consulting, assisting independent inventors with their ideas, and developing our own inventions.

The goal of our engineering consulting services was to provide highly integrated solutions to our customers by focusing on what we do best and seamlessly integrating the services and products provided by our trusted and experienced subcontractors and suppliers. In this way, for example, even though MTW didn’t have any machining capabilities, we provided machined parts as a part of an integrated product for our customers. This allowed our customers to obtain their product or service from a single supplier that would support it. This saved our customer from the headache of integrating the components and services from multiple suppliers and having to debug and support the product themselves.

Our first product was a custom, turn-key end-of-line instrument tester for a local manufacturer. Our business expanded considerably in 2008 when we signed an agreement to write embedded control and communications software in ANSI C for a major equipment manufacturer. We were also involved in developing electronics for a helicopter-towed geophysical imaging application. The embedded software work continued into most of 2009.

In 2009, besides our engineering consulting business, we began preliminary work on two of our inventions and developed a working prototype for an independent inventor.

In 2010, we officially began work on a major contract to develop more additional, turn-key automatic equipment from the local manufacturer. We also began work on a second independent inventor product.

Around 2012, we decided to refocus our business primarily on engineering consulting and the design, development, and manufacture of custom automatic test equipment.  We decided to no longer actively pursue work with independent inventors.

In 2013, we received a major contract to build fourteen custom end-of-line instrument testers.  MTW also became a National Instrument Alliance Partner.  MTW continued to provide engineering consulting services and design test and manufacturing equipment for the next three years.

In 2016, we started provided 3d printing services for our customers.  This year (2017), we are added Internet of Things (IoT) as another focus of our company.